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Stolen Vehicle Tracker
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£345.83 Ex. VAT
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Tracker Monitor
The only tracker company to work alongside the police. It uses a combination of GPS and VHF (Very High Frequency) to allow the police to locate the stolen vehicle. For full details on this TrackerClick Here. If you require a Tracker for your insurance, please check with your insurance company if this Tracker meets requirements.

A top of the range Stolen Vehicle Recovery solution is the most advanced on the market. The unit is hidden in your vehicle by one of our approved engineers and activated in the event of a theft allowing your vehicle to be tracked. With TRACKER Locate you are protected from even the most professional criminals to ensure fast recovery, often within 24 hours of activation.

New TRACKER Locate customers can now view their vehicle online using our newMy TRACKERwebsite.My TRACKERoffers a host of useful information and features such as detailed driving and journey reports, route mapping and security alerts.

  • Patented VHF technology to find stolen vehicles even when they are hidden in metal containers or underground car parks
  • The combination of 3 methods of location tracking (VHF, GSM and GPS) provides Europe wide coverage
  • Dual technology and signal jamming detection to stop criminals using GPS/GSM jammers to block the tracking device
  • In-built motion sensors to identify unauthorised movement
  • Nationwide support from all UK police forces
  • Full access to theMy TRACKERwebsite
  • TheTRACKER Mesh Networkfor even faster and more accurate tracking and location

How it works


If your vehicle is stolen you should call the police and TRACKER. The motion sensor may notify TRACKER about the unauthorised movement of the vehicle before you become aware of the theft.


On confirming the theft we will activate the tracking unit.


The police will use TRACKER receivers in their patrol vehicles and helicopters to locate your stolen vehicle. As part of the TRACKER Mesh network your car will also be tracked by other vehicles fitted with TRACKER units that will send alerts to TRACKER and the Police if they pass your stolen vehicle.


Your vehicle will be identified and secured and a TRACKER security guard will wait with your vehicle until recovery can be arranged if required.


Vehicles can be recovered from anywhere in Europe to a UK location of your choice.

Corporate customers can protect their fleet with TRACKER Locate at a cost of £385 including installation ex. VAT. An annual subscription costs £145 ex. VAT and 3 year subscription is £332.50 ex. VAT. Contact our sales team to discuss the options.

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*VAT is included in advertised prices (unless stated otherwise). Price includes standard installation in our local area, but excludes additional parts that may be required (please contact us for a specific quotation for you and your vehicle). Although every effort is made to keep prices accurate they will be subject to change and availability.Please click on the individual product for pricing details.