Dension iGateway Lite iPodUSB Kit Without Text LINCOLNSHIRE
iPod/USB Kit (Without Text)
£169.00 *Fitted
£140.83 Ex. VAT
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The Gateway Lite is a basic car multimedia interface from Dension allowing music playback from a wide range of digital data sources.

Dension Gateway Lite is not only an interface but a car multimedia adapter offering full device control using the car radio buttons as well as device charging in the car.

Gateway Lite is a fully integrated, invisible solution that allows you to use your iPod, iPhone, Smartphone, USB and AUX devices in the car without changing the car interior.

Features and highlights:

  • Music playback from portable audio devices
  • iPod, iPhone car integration
  • Smartphone, Aux and USB device connectivity
  • Full device control with the original car radio buttons(via the 'iPod/iPhone dock cable')
  • 1A iPod and iPhone charging by default
  • 3.5 mm Aux-in jack (optional)
  • Aux cable accessory broadens the device compatibility so any multimedia player can be connected to the system
  • User friendly HMI ensuring high-class user experience
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